Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A finished charity quilt

I finally finished this quilt while on retreat. Ages ago my sister and I worked on getting this together. It was an unfinished piece I found in a charity shop (Op Shop) and paid $5 for. I had sandwiched it at home ready for some mindless quilting. So on Friday night it went under the machine and I just stippled it all over. So after sewing on some binding it was done. Great to have a project completed in the first night.

This quilt is also heading off to Hope Homes International in Eldorat, Kenya. The pile is slowly growing.

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Messenger Bag

Eli saw a messenger bag in the shop and fell in love. I did not at $159.00!!!! So I bought some black drill, a chunky zip and some thick cotton for overstitching and set too. A couple of D rings from an old bag that had fallen apart and it was all done.
Messenger Bag
Eli has taken it everywhere since I came home from retreat having finished it. I now want one for myself!!!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Op shop success

Today I had various appointments to attend but managed to get a bit of op shopping in.  (Charity shopping for those overseas). The wedge heel boots were $5. The dress and tunic were $7 each.  Both are quite diaphanous but absolutely gorgeous.  Ages since I had such a good score.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

A finished boys quilt

This quilt is finally bound and finished. I put it off as I just could not find a binding I was happy with in my stash. In the end I decided it didn't matter as whoever is the recipient of the quilt will love it for being theirs, not for the binding I do. Slowly getting my charity quilts done for Hope Homes International. There are now four waiting to send and I pinned out another one last night.
The quilting on the back
All ready for a boy
It has sat on the floor of my sewing area for about three weeks. I am finding it a bit difficult to get things done these days as so procrastination is at the fore.

But next weekend I am off to my yearly five day quilting retreat. This is my time every year. I have now been going for 13 years!!! So not much sewing this week but a pile of decision making. What to take is always a problem. I get there and have to have a huge variety of projects otherwise I find I am not inspired.
High Tea with Anna
A lot of birthday activity happened in our house. Eli and my birthdays are only four days apart. 

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Jakob and me at my birthday dinner
Aaron trying on glasses to see if he is good looking

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Good old faithful has been replaced

With  a title like that most people would think I was referring to a car. Nope. I am talking toasters. I used to live by myself in Oamaru in my when I was 19-20yrs old. During that time my father would do motorbike trips every year around the South Island. He would visit us all. The first year we all received parcels once he got home. Yes we all got a toaster.
I knew it would be the best toaster on the market for the money. My Dad researches like crazy before purchasing anything. We always got Consumer Magazine. This toaster is still going strong and is now 29 years old. But.... yes here comes the but. Crumpets, nice bread etc get stuck as it was really just made for toast bread.
The old toaster has lived for 8 years in storage on a farm. Moved from pillar to post. Been in flats and three houses. Now it is being relegated. I am not normally sentimental, but for this I am.
So for safety and cooking sake I bought a new toaster. Same brand and looks, just a much wider area for toast.

I still have the present from the motorbike trip the next year, it was done in the winter and we all got a heater. The heater now graces our caravan. 

Friday, July 22, 2016

Pickled onions

Not too sure about these. I love pickled onions and they were a pain to peel.  I decided to use Barry 's pickle for beetroot.  I also cooked them a bit.  They smell great but could end up too soft.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A boys quilt for charity

Getting a boy quilt done for an orphan at Hope Homes International. The panel was given to me either by Val or Hazel, with some scraps of matching fabric. Not normally my thing but great for a wee boy and easy to put together when it is going to be gifted.

I had a quiet Sunday getting ready for some investigative procedures in Hospital. Didn't manage to do anything else but at least this is sandwiched together ready to put under the sewing machine.

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