Tuesday, August 19, 2014

It's not just me!!

refashion business shirts
When I was away on my yearly quilting retreat I sat by Colleen. Now that it not unusual in itself but it was really funny that we were in the same seating this year and we were the only two people using recycled fabric. I wished I had a photo of what Colleen made. She had all her husbands old business shirts that had worn through at the collar and cuffs and had cut them into rectangles and made it into the most gorgeous summer beachy look quilt. 
Colleen and I upcycling a storm
I was also using business shirts big time. My nightie had ripped as the back was just so worn. But the bottom material was still really good (it also had been a refashion). So I still needed a nightie as I was short. Add one blue and white pinstripped business shirt and voila, a new nightie. All the binding ws made by me too. The blue binding at the bust and sleeve was another cotton shirt and the neck binding was a stripe business shirt.

So for those who know the band "Flight of the Concords", due to the material this nightie is made from I have named it "business time"!
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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Number 20 which I think is the best yet

Yes this is Number 20 Charity quilt for the kids at Hope Homes International. 23 is the goal at the moment and I am shipping in a couple of weeks. A few weeks ago I posted about Hazel gifting me piles of material and books for the orphans. In amongst it all were a few unfinished quilts.

Pining it all together

Stipple quilting
As soon as I saw this I knew I had to finish it and get it away with the others. There were two very large corners completed and some rows. So after a bit of unpicking, straightening and then sewing together, voila this amazing quilt. It took me a total of one day from 9am to 9pm to sew, pin, baste, quilt and bind.

To get it pumped out quickly I just reverted to large stipple quilting as that is my fastest technique.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Black currant jam

We have no Jam in the house. Wow unbelievable. So I rummaged through the freezer and found 1.5kg of black currants. Aaron is away for work, the boys are in bed, so I whipped up 8 jars of jam. Yummy. I used my recipe here

Had some of the end bits all warm over cold vanilla icecream, so yes!!!

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Fabulous Birthday

Well another year older. I was really blessed by lots of people for my birthday. The girls made me cupcakes for birthday cake and gave me lovely homemade cards and a framed collage. My sister, niece and nephew sang me a gorgeous happy birthday over the phone, I wasn't as gracious as I could have been as it woke me and I was in a bit of a fog when answering!!

Aaron and I went out to Chillingworth Road fine dining and had an 8 course degustation menu. Wow it was amazing. I did try to convince him that the six course one was enough but we went 8. I could not eat the last one, but it was stunning food.

Then as a family we all went to live jazz at Freemans on Sunday afternoon.
Fine Dining at Chillingworth Road

Wearing my designer dress!

This is now a typical scene at family outings

Carmen and friends playing jazz

Older and wiser!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

It gets messier before it gets tidy

That is the conclusion I came to when trying to tidy my sewing area.
 With working full time I just do not have the time to get behind the sewing machine and when I do there are so many projects that I find it hard to start. So I did a huge clean up. Part of this is also inspired by a second hand sewing cabinet that I bought and want to use. But it does not have storage so I need to sort through my stuff first.

I think it is going to take another few sorting out days before I get there!!!
Poor old Jakob had to have four teeth taken out. They were wobbly and the adult teeth were protuding through the gum but somehow instead of pushing out the little teeth they went sideways. This is post extraction. He was so good but did find it a bit much.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bright colours on my sewing machine.

I have been pottering around trying to tidyup my sewing area. Sitting on my table was a box of scraps and bits that Tiina sent me when I became her 80th follower. So I thought that I would use them on something that reminded me of her. She makes the most amazing zip purses and bags out of scraps. So I started with her fabrics and added more of my own.  
I now have two sides ready to quilt. Tiina makes use of much smaller pieces, so my one is not going to be as elegant as hers. She also has been making a few quilts that I had never seen patterns for before. I love them. 
In amongst the bits I also found a pile of gingham strips ready to be made into binding, and finally made them up. Do go and check out Tiina's blog as it translates ok into english and she does lovely quilting.

In amongst all of this I have been busy mowing the lawn, pruning the roses and putting out the sawdust we have as a mulch. So much to do and so little time!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

19 quilts ready to go

Finally we are organising sending all the quilts off to Hope Homes International for the orphans beds. There are 19 quilts completely finished, which has taken about four years!!
I pulled all the quilts out of all the little hidey holes around the house and am busy labeling who made them, who donated material etc. They are all going to get displayed at church on Sunday so I am hoping the everyone will be impressed and maybe be inspired to send a bit more to this place.
So many people have donated so much for this to occur. A huge thanks to Hazel who is clearing out her house for earthquake repairs and called me to pick up all this wonderful material, books etc.

I am still praying and hoping to get a few more or have some donated as there are currently 23 kids in the orphanage and another 5 living with the directors of the orphanage. But it will happen over time.

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